Gel seal closure (Weather shields) IP68

Product Description

Telsto Gel seal closure (Weather shields) is a weatherproofing system for sealing coaxial cable jumper-to-feeder, jumper-to-antenna and grounding kit connectors exposed to the outside environment. The housing contains an innovative gel material and provides an efficient moisture block effectively water-proofing the connectors. The ease of installation and the long term protection makes it a reliable and cost effective sealing solution for outside plant cables and connectors.

*IP rating 68
*Certificated materials: housing—PC+ABS; gel--TBE
*Wide temperature range: -40°C/+ 60°C
*Quick and easy to install
*No tape, mastics or tools required for installation and removal
*Easily removable and re-usable


Description Part Number
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antenna-short TEL-GSC-1/2-J-AS
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antenna TEL-GSC-1/2-J-A
Gel Seal Closure for 7/8’’ cable to antenna TEL-GSC-7/8-A
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 1-1/4’’feeder TEL-GSC-1/2-1-1/4
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 1-5/8’’feeder TEL-GSC-1/2-1-5/8
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 7/8’’ feeder TEL-GSC-1/2-7/8
Gel seal closure for 1/2’’ cable to grounding kits TEL-GSC-1/2-C-GK
Gel seal closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antenna with 4.3-10 connector TEL-GSC-1/2- 4.3-10