Coaxial cable elbow connector Din male to 1/2” superflex cable

DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ Superflexible RF cable


Telsto RF Connector has an operational frequency range of DC-6 GHz, offers excellent VSWR performance and Low Passive Intermodulation. This makes it ideally suited for use in cellular basestations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.

Quick Details:

Type: Din connector
Application: RF
Gender: Male
Plating: Nickel and Gold
Material: Brass and Teflon
Product name: DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ Superflexible RF cable
Connector type: DIN 7/16 Male
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Weatherproof Rate: IP67
HS Code: 85369090

Material and Plating 
Center contactBrass / Silver Plating
Body & Outer ConductorBrass / alloy plated with tri-alloy
GasketSilicon Rubber
Electrical Characteristics 
Characteristics Impedance50 Ohm
Frequency RangeDC~3 GHz
Insulation Resistance≥5000MΩ
Dielectric Strength2500 V rms
Center contact resistance≤0.4 mΩ
Outer contact resistance≤1.0 mΩ
Insertion Loss≤0.08dB@3GHz
VSWR[email protected]GHz
Temperature range-40~85℃
PIM  dBc(2×20W)≤-155 dBc(2×20W)

ProductDescriptionPart No.
7/16 DIN TypeDIN Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINF.12-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-DINF.12S-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINF.114-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1-5/8’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINF.158-RFC
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINFA.12-RFC
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-DINFA.12S-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINM.12-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-DINM.12S-RFC
DIN Female connector for 7/8'' coaxial RF cableTEL-DINF.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 7/8' coaxial RF cableTEL-DINM.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cableTEL-DINM.114-RFC
N TypeN Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-NF.12-RFC
N Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-NF.12S-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-NFA.12-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-NFA.12S-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-NM.12-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-NM.12S-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-NMA.12-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-NMA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Type4.3-10 Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310F.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310F.78-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310FA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-4310FA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310M.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310M.78-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310MA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-4310MA.12S-RFC
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