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Telsto Development Co., Limited specializes in the supply of telecommunication equipment & accessories such as RF Connectors, Coaxial Jumper & Feeder Cables, Grounding & Lightning Protection, Cable Entry System, Weatherproofing Accessories, Fiber Optic Products, Passive Devices, etc. We are dedicated to provide our clients with "one-stop-shop” solution for their base...
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Gel Seal Closure for 1/2″ Jumper to Antenna, 4.3-10/4.1-9.5 MINI DIN Connector
Product Description SLIM Design Weather proofing Clamshell Enclosure Kits Telsto slim seal gel seal weather proofing clam shell closure kit... Read More
Gel Seal For 1/2 In Jumper Cable To Antenna, Short Version
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2"jumper to antenna short Model: TEL-GSC-1/2”Jumper-Antenna Short Description: Gel Seal Closure products provide a quick and... Read More
Gel Seal Closure For 1/ 2″ Jumper to Feeder Cable Tool Weatherproofing Kit Telecom Parts
Product Description   Telsto gel seal closure is a new kind of weatherproofing solutions designed to protect RF connections at... Read More
Gel shell for 1/2 jumper to antenna cell tower weather proofing kit gel seal closure
Product Description Part number: GSC-12ANT, Long version (6”), is designed to quickly seal 1/2" jumper cable to antenna connection for... Read More
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2″jumper to 1-5/8″feeder
Telsto Series Gel Seal Closure Gel Seal Closure for 1/2"jumper to 1-5/8"feeder Telsto series gel seal closure is a new kind... Read More
1/2 Jumper to 1-5/8 Feeder Cable Waterproofing Closure Equal to Eupen Euseal ES-12-158
Leading China Manufacturer: Telsto Series Waterproofing Closure Telsto series waterproofing closure is a new kind of weatherproofing solutions designed to... Read More
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