DC -3GHz DIN Male to DIN Male 50ohm RF Coaxial Connectors Adapters

Product Description

RF Connector/Adapter

Coaxial connector&adapter are used between equipment and equipment,equipment and compoments,parts and components to achieve the mechanical performance of the various parts of the transmission of electrical signals,and can be used for scientific research,electromagnetic confrontation,aerospace,precision measurement and other microwave fields.We can provide research and development,design,field mapping,routing and structural optimization to provide the full range of solutions and services based on customers special requirements.

Key Features:
1. Multiple-Band Frequency
2. Good shielding performance
3. Low VSWR;Low attenuation
4. Low PIM
5. High Reliability
6. Economic price

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Application:RF, Telecommunication
Frequency Range:DC-3GHz
Impedance:50 Ohm

Telsto RF Adapter has an operational frequency range of DC-3 GHz, offers excellent VSWR performance and Low Passive Intermodulation {Low PIM3 ≤-155dBc(2×20W)} . This makes it ideally suited for use in cellular basestations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.

4.3-10 types RF adapters for your choices:

ProductDescriptionPart No.
RF Adapter4.3-10 Female to Din Female AdapterTEL-4310F.DINF-AT
4.3-10 Female to Din Male AdapterTEL-4310F.DINM-AT
4.3-10 Male to Din Female AdapterTEL-4310M.DINF-AT
4.3-10 Male to Din Male AdapterTEL-4310M.DINM-AT
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