Copper Ground Bar Kit for telecommunication

Product Description

Grounding Bar and Ground Bar Kits

These Ground Bar Kits are truly universal with their slotted hole design. Provides a single, versatile solution to create a central ground point at your site. Manufactured from 1/4'' (6.4mm) thick solid copper with 7/16'' holes. Ground bar kits are available with or without attachment hardware and are also available with an optional tin plated finish. Will be stocked in all 7 locations.

Telsto Indoor and outdoor grounding bar are used for converging grounding kits to ground. Telsto grounding bar are made of high quality tined copper material. All parameters concering insulating are complied with international standards.

*Various type
*Easy installation
*Total grounding
*Suitable for various sizes of grounding kit


• Slotted hole fits lugs with hole spacing 3/4'' to 1''.
• Accepts 3/8'' lugs.
• Available with bus bar only or as a kit.
• Kit includes insulators & stainless steel mounting brackets.
• Optional tin plated finish available.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Item name:Copper Ground Bar Kit for telecommunication