Gel Seal Closure for 1/2″ Jumper Cable to 1-1/4″ Feeder Weatherproofing

Product Description

Telsto series weatherproofing enclosure/weatherproof enclosure is a new kind of weatherproofing solutions designed to protect RF connections at wireless communication towers, for instance, 2G, 3G or 4G cell sites where RF connections are getting denser than ever before and the traditional weatherproofing solutions, tapes and mastic are difficult to use in such crowded places.

Telsto series closures are re-enterable, reusable and tool-less, making it time-saving, cost-effective and installer-friendly weatherproofing solution for the mobile base stations industry. HGS closures find typical applications in covering RF connections on both antennas and RRU(Remote Radio Unit), splice in-line connections, grounding transtions etc.

Sealing properties of the gel provide a reliable protection over a wide temperature range (-40°C/+ 70°C)
Wraparound and no disconnection of the connector
Quick and easy to install
Easy removable and re-usable
Gel material provides an effective barrier against ingress of water and other contaminant's - IP rating 68
No tape, no mastics or tools required for installation and removal

Gel Seal Closure
FunctionGel Seal Closure for 1/2"jumper to 1-1/4"feeder
Net Weight275g
Life/durationMore than 10 years
Corrosion and ultraviolet resistanceH2S,passed ultraviolet test
Ice-snow resistanceup to 100mm,no water leakage, no shape change
Waterproof levelIP68
Fireproof levelHB
Rainstorm resistance100E 150mm/h

Quick Details

Manufacturer: Telsto
Item No: TEL-GE-1/2-1-1/4
Application: 1/2 jumper cable to 1-1/4" feeder cable
Input: 1/2” jumper cable(13-17mm),
Output: 1-1/4" feeder cable
Sealing Class, IP 68