Feeder cable grounding kit

Product Description

Standard Grounding Kit
· Compact structure
· Faster and easy installation
· No loose parts

Apply with 1/4 in and 3/8 in corrugated & braided coaxial cable

Feeder cable grounding kit

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:Standard Grounding Kit
Product Line:Grounding Kits
Product Type:Standard Grounding Kit
Current handing:>50KA
Contact resistance:<4mΩ
Grounding wire length:According to customer requirements
Grounding wire size:AW6 / 16mm2
Inner contact material:copper
Cable size:1/4" 3/8"

Jumper cables offer outstanding electrical performance along with high durability for tight routing and superior environmental sealing for ling life reliability.

Jumper cables are used in areas that require extremely small bending radius such as between main feeders and antennas or between main feeders and RF equipment. Jumper cables are designed and produced to have features as below


Grounding kits protect BTS against lighting, Telsto grounding kits are fast-installed, easy and error-free with self-securing grounding strap. Grounding kit body facilitates a proper attachment to the coaxial cable, ensuring that the performance of the coaxial cable is not being compromised. The tin plated copper clip provides a secure, low resistance connection to the cable outer conductor and the field-installable lug allows for custom ground wire lengths.

*Various types
*Fast installation
*Perfect lighting protection
*Total weather proofing

Product DescriptionPart No.
Click-on Type

including butyl and electric tape

for  1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-C-1/4
for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-C-1/2
for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-C-7/8
for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-C-5/4
for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-C-13/8
Framework Typefor  1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-1/4
for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-1/2
for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-7/8
for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-5/4
for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-13/8
Universal Type

including butyl and electric tape

for  1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-U-1/4
for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-U-1/2
for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-U-7/8
for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-U-5/4
for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-U-13/8