Cable grip connector for cable Cable Socks wire mesh grips

Product Description

This products is made of double strands Stainless Steel Wire to weave,uniform grid high strength non-slip,press by copper bush with the triangle circle,Submarine cable dedicated,corrosion resistance,strong breaking load.

It’s easy to connect after cable head wear out,cable grip can tie the cable at any place.

The usage of the cable sock:

Trapping cable first, and then choose an employ or lifting tools holding the sock, now we achieved the goal of stringing,at same time,we also can use cable to hanging the sock,Cable sock is mesh structure, more drawing and more tightly,,it is easily wear in or take out the cable when push it to the object side.

This product was used to connect all kinds of aluminium conductor and insulation wire, ground wire, optical fiber, optical cable and cable when pay-off the line in power and communication line construction,it can pass all kinds of pay-off pulley as well as advantages of light weight, large tensile load, not damage line, convenient to use and so on.

It’s prefect tools in the field of electric power construction,communication lines, offshore oil field, wind power manufacturing, mobile company, electric power, railway, shipbuilding, cable, construction, steel, petrochemical,mechanical industry and so on.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:4-180mm
Braided way:single or multifilament strands
breaking load:20T
corrosion:rdsistance corrosion
Keyword:cable grip
use:protect cable cable towing connector for lifting

Product DescriptionPart No.
Lace-up Type304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-L-1/2
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-L-7/8
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-L-5/4
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-L-13/8
Pre-Laced Type304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-P-1/2
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-P-7/8
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-P-5/4
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-HG-P-13/8