Earth clamp for 1 5/8″ cable/ grounding kits/ earth kits

Earth clamp for 1 5/8" cable/ grounding kits/ earth kits

earth clamp for 1 5/8" cable/ grounding kits/ earth kits

Main use:

It's suit for grounding binding of all kinds cable: 1/4",1/2",3/8",7/8",5/4",1-5/8", etc.

Component part:

1Grounding kit7/8"1customer's requiremet
2Grounding CableBvR-6AWG10.6M 0.8M 1M
3BoltM8 X 251Stainless steel
4NutM81Stainless steel
5Washerø81Stainless steel
6Spring Washerø81Stainless steel

 earth clamp for 1 5/8" cable/ grounding kits/ earth kits

Grounding clamp's performance index:

componentelectrical propertymechanical propertyinstruction
clamp: stainless steel

connecting piece:T2 pure copper: standard configuration0.6, 0.8, 1m

Bolt and nut: stainless steel

layering: stainless steel


voltage:50Hz 30KV


stainless steel: smooth

rubber: clean, no damage and bubbles, density consistent

grounding line: no crack and aging

screw, bolt and nut: clean and no crack

layering: stainless steel

quick and easy to install and appearance neat

Exempt gum type grounding clamp:

Framework Typefor  1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-1/4
for  1/2" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-1/2
for  7/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-7/8
for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-5/4
for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable  TEL-GK-F-13/8


Electric Property:

Current8/20 μs >70KA
Voltage50Hz 30kv
Grounding Resistance≤ 4mΩ

Mechanical capacity:

  1. Stainless steel material:  smooth surface, no burr and crack, there is no obvious inclusion and sink mark
  2. rubber material: clean surface, no injury and bubble
  3. consistent density grounding wire: uniform insulating barrier, no crack and surface aging
  4. Bolt & nut: clean surface, no crack and rust staining
  5. simple to install

Quick Details

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:telsto
Current:8/20 μs >70KA
Voltage:50Hz 30kv
Grounding Resistance:≤ 4mΩ