Rf Coaxial 7/16 Din Male Connector For 1-1/4″ Foam Feeder Cable

Rf Coaxial 7/16 Din Male Connector For 1-1/4" Foam Feeder Cable

Telsto RF Connector has an operational frequency range of DC-6 GHz, offers excellent VSWR performance and Low Passive Intermodulation. This makes it ideally suited for use in cellular base stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.

TYPE 7/16(L29) is one kind of thread coupling RF coaxial connector. Characteristic impedance is 50ohm. The characteristic of connector is in big power, low VSWR, less attenuation, low intermodulation, excellent nature of airtight. They are used in connection with feeder cables in broadcast, Television,ground launch system, monitoring of radar, microwave communication fields etc. Our company produces many kinds of jumper lines, which can reduce your cost on cable.

Material and Plating 
Center contactBrass / Silver Plating
Body & Outer ConductorBrass / alloy plated with tri-alloy
GasketSilicon Rubber
Electrical Characteristics 
Characteristics Impedance50 Ohm
Frequency RangeDC~3 GHz
Insulation Resistance≥10000MΩ
Dielectric Strength4000 V rms
Center contact resistance≤0.4mΩ
Outer contact resistance≤1.5 mΩ
Insertion Loss            ≤0.12dB@3GHz
VSWR                   [email protected]GHz
Temperature range -40~85℃
PIM  dBc(2×20W)≤-155 dBc(2×20W)


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ProductDescription Part No.
7/16 DIN TypeDIN Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.12-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.12S-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.114-RFC 
DIN Female connector for 1-5/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.158-RFC 
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINFA.12-RFC 
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINFA.12S-RFC 
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.12-RFC 
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.12S-RFC 
DIN Female connector for 7/8'' coaxial RF cableTEL-DINF.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 7/8' coaxial RF cableTEL-DINM.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.114-RFC 
N TypeN Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-NF.12-RFC
N Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-NF.12S-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NFA.12-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NFA.12S-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NM.12-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NM.12S-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NMA.12-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NMA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Type4.3-10 Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310F.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310F.78-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310FA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-4310FA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cableTEL-4310M.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310M.78-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310MA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cableTEL-4310MA.12S-RFC
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