Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable To 1-5/8 In Feeder Cable

Gel Seal Closure For Coax In-Line Connection Of 1/2" To 1-5/8"

Gel seal closure is a plastic weatherproofing enclosure which is designed to quickly seal the coax connector between 1/2" jumper cable and 1-5/8" feeder cable.

It is usually used on wireless cell tower cabling system.

It is not a simple plastic enclosure. The innovative built-in soft gel make it IP68 waterproof rate, and ensure a perfect sealing for outdoor coax connectors.

Item No.: TEL-GEL-1/2J-1-5/8F

Dimension: 364 x 105 x 77 mm

Materials: PC+ABS, built-in soft silicone gel

Function: weatherproofing kit

Application: Cellular cell tower and site infrastructures.

Inlet: 1/2" coax jumper cable (13-17mm)

Outlet: 1-5/8" coax feeder cable (49.5-52mm)

Interior connector types: 716-DIN type, N type, 4.3-10 type.


-- Quick install, just take seconds.

-- Easy install, no tape, no mastic and no tool needed.

-- Simple install, insure an uniform and good connector-sealing jobs.

-- Removable and reusable.

-- ROHS compliant

Gel Seal Closure
FunctionGel Seal Closure for 1/2"jumper to 1-5/8"feeder
Size364 x 105 x 77 mm
Net Weight300g
Life/durationMore than 10 years
Corrosion and ultraviolet resistanceH2S,passed ultraviolet test
Ice-snow resistanceup to 100mm,no water leakage, no shape change
Waterproof levelIP68
Fireproof levelHB
Rainstorm resistance100E 150mm/h