Connector gel seal shelter for 1/2 jumper to 7/8 feeder weatherproofing closure kits

Product Description

Gel seal closure 1/2-7/8 is designed to quickly seal 1/2" jumper cable to 7/8" feeder cable connection for wireless cell tower. This gel seal closure is used for jumper-to-feeder transition. It is compatible for 1/2" flexible and super flexible cable. The connector can be 7/16 DIN connector or N connector or other coaxial connector by discussion.

Compare with the mastic tape weatherproofing kit and the cold shrink tube weatherproofing kit, gel seal closure is the new generation of weatherproofing kit. Gel seal closure is quick and easy to install. It is easily removable and reusable. The integrated gel material provides an effective barrier against ingress of water and other contaminants - IP68. The gel seal closure provide a reliable protection over wide temperature range (-40°C/+60°C).

Telsto’s gel seal closures have passed strict tests from labs and achieve good feedback from long-term practical application in many telecom operators. The easy of installation and reusable feature makes them a cost-effective solution.

DescriptionPart Number
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antenna-shortTEL-GSC-1/2-J-AS
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antennaTEL-GSC-1/2-J-A
Gel Seal Closure for 7/8’’ cable to antennaTEL-GSC-7/8-A
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 1-1/4’’feederTEL-GSC-1/2-1-1/4
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 1-5/8’’feederTEL-GSC-1/2-1-5/8
Gel Seal Closure for 1/2’’jumper to 7/8’’ feederTEL-GSC-1/2-7/8
Gel seal closure for 1/2’’ cable to grounding kitsTEL-GSC-1/2-C-GK
Gel seal closure for 1/2’’ jumper to antenna with 4.3-10 connectorTEL-GSC-1/2- 4.3-10

Item No. GSC-12ANT ---------------- gel seal closure for 1/2" jumper cable to antenna.

Item No. GSC-12ANT-S ------------- gel seal closure for 1/2" jumper cable to antenna, short version.

Item No. GSC-78ANT ---------------- gel seal closure for 7/8" cable to antenna.

Item No. GSC-7812 ------------------ gel seal closure for 1/2" cable to 7/8" cable.

Item No. GSC-11412 ----------------- gel seal closure for 1/2" cable to 1-1/4" cable.

Item No. GSC-15812 ---------------- gel seal closure for 1/2" cable to 1-5/8" cable.

Item No. GSC-12GROUND --------- gel seal closure for 1/2" grounding.

Item No. GSC-78GROUND ------- gel seal closure for 7/8" grounding

Item No. GSC-12SRRU ------------- gel seal closure for 1/2" super flexible to RRU N connector

Item No. GSC-38N ------------------- gel seal closure for 3/8" cable to N connector.

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Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
IP Rating:IP 68