Universal Weatherproofing Kit for Connectors and Antennas

Product name: Universal Weatherproofing Kit for Connectors and Antennas

Universal weatherproofing kit for connectors and splices, include butyl rubber tape and PVC tape. It provides a multi-layer, long-term environmental seal over multiple connections.

Product Description

The use of this kit provides an additional moisture seal for cable connections. It also prevents loosening of connextions form vibration or other external stresses which would eventually allow moisture penetration. The sealed connection is suitable for typical exposed and buried cable applications.

221213 Waterproof kits/Rubber mastic & Electrical tape:
- 6 of rolls Butyl Rubber Tape, 24in
609.60mm(24in) x 63.50mm(2.50in)
- 2 of rolls Black 3/4in PVC Tape, 66ft
20.12m(66ft) x 19.05mm(0.75in)
- 1 of roll Black 2in PVC Type, 20ft
6.10m(20ft) x 50.80mm(2in)

Telsto insulation PVC electrical tapes.

*For insulating and binding electric wire protection
*Electrical insulation protection
*High pressure-resistance, insulating
*Unique glue-formulation, high adhesive quality
*Water proof and Acid-alkali proof

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:TEL-WPK
Material:PVC & Butyl
Custom design:Available