Weatherproofing Accessories

Telsto’s duct sealing system permanently seals telecommunication cables in cable ducts. In addition, Telsto offers a wide range of duct plugs and seals, reducing the cost of cable placement and maintenance. Couplers provide a strong mechanical connection for a wide variety of conduit types.

Telsto offers a number of premiers weatherproofing options to seal and protect connectors from extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibrations. From our latest re-usable molded-boot system to cold shrink wraps, to butyl rubber and vinyl tapes, our weatherproofing components provide quality, long-term protection that's easy to install — even in tight spaces.

Telsto Gel seal closure (Weather shields) is a weatherproofing system for sealing coaxial cable jumper-to-feeder, jumper-to-antenna and grounding kit connectors exposed to the outside environment. The housing contains an innovative gel material and provides an efficient moisture block effectively water-proofing the connectors. The ease of installation and the long-term protection makes it a reliable and cost-effective sealing solution for outside plant cables and connectors.