Gel Seal Closure for 1/2″ Jumper to Antenna, 4.3-10/4.1-9.5 MINI DIN Connector

Product Description

SLIM Design Weather proofing Clamshell Enclosure Kits

Telsto slim seal gel seal weather proofing clam shell closure kit is a new kind of weather proofing enclosure which contains a highly compliant sealing gel that conforms to the entire connection rather than a perimeter seal, leading to a highly reliable weather protection performance.

In addition, the enclosure retains all the advantages of earlier closures – quick and easy to install, no tools required, re-enterable and reusable-but the SLIM design better suited for crowded RF connection points of new emerging cell sites with multiple in, multiple out(MIMO) or multiband antenna configurations.

Temperature Range, -40 ℃~+70 ℃

Sealing Class, IP68

Coax Sizes Supported

Antenna/RRU Connectors

1/2” Flexible or Super Flexible Jumper to Antenna with 4.3-10/4.1-9.5 Connections

Gel Seal Closure
ModelTEL-GE-1/2-J- connector 4.1-9.5
FunctionGel Seal Closure for 1/2"jumper to 4.1-9.5 connector
Outputconnector 4.1-9.5/ N connector
Net Weight76g
Life/durationMore than 10 years
Corrosion and ultraviolet resistanceH2S,passed ultraviolet test
Ice-snow resistanceup to 100mm,no water leakage ,no shape change
Waterproof levelIP68
Fireproof levelHB
Rainstorm resistance100E 150mm/h