304 Stainless Steel Stackable Snap-in Hanger for 7/8″ Cable Mounting

Product Description

The self contained design of the Stackable Snap-in Hanger eliminates the need for mounting hardware while providing a compact solution for supporting coaxial cable The hanger can be stacked up to three runs high when using 3/8”, 1/2” and 7/8” coaxial cable, or two runs high when using 1-1/4” and 1-5/8” coaxial cable.

Each hanger accommodates one run of coaxial cable The advanced design of the retention tabs gives the hanger the ability to absorb vibration, making the hanger resistant to pop-out This unique design also reduces movement in the runs of coaxial cable, therefore reducing stress on the connections They are manufactured from stainless steel, ensuring long term integrity over the life of the product in extreme environments including mountain tops, coastal and industrial applications


Application:Coax supportCompatible cable size:1/2”-1-5/8”
Features:One-piece hanger solutionMaterial:304 stainless steel
Compatible:Corrugated coaxInclude:Stackable snap-in hanger

Full size of stackable snap-in hanger

Item No.Description
TEL-SSIH-12Stackable Snap-In Hanger for 1/2" Coaxial Cable
TEL-SSIH-78Stackable Snap-In Hanger for 7/8" Coaxial Cable
TEL-SSIH-114Stackable Snap-In Hanger for 1-1/4" Coaxial Cable
TEL-SSIH-158Stackable Snap-In Hanger for 1-5/8" Coaxial Cable