EPDM/Silicone Cold Shrink Tube
EPDM/Silicone Cold Shrink Tube

Cold shrinkable tube is a reliable and fast solution to protect a connection. Simply position the pre-expanded tubing over the connection and pull out the rip cord. The tubing shrinks immediately without heat and seals the connection firmly.


1. Simple installation, no tool needed
2. No torches or heat required.
3. Good heat resistance
4. Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure
5. Excellent wet electrical properties
6. Waterproof
7. Resist fungus
8. Resists acids and alkalis

3M itemTelsto ItemTube Dia(mm)Tube length(mm)Cable range(mm)
8423-6TEL-CST-20-620152 (6")7.8-14.3
8425-8TEL-CST-25-825203 (8")10.1-20.9
----TEL-CST-32-932229 (9")13.0-25.4
----TEL-CST-32-1132279 (11")13.0-25.4
8426-9TEL-CST-35-935229 (9")13.9-30.1
8426-11TEL-CST-35-1135279 (11")13.9-30.1
8427-6TEL-CST-40-640152 (6")17.5-35.1
8427-12TEL-CST-40-1240305 (12")17.5-35.1
8427-16TEL-CST-40-1640406 (16")17.5-35.1
8428-6TEL-CST-53-653152 (6")24.1-49.2
8428-12TEL-CST-53-1253305 (12")24.1-49.2
8428-18TEL-CST-53-1853457 (18")24.1-49.2
8429-6TEL-CST-70-670152 (6")32.2-67.8
8429-9TEL-CST-70-970229 (9")32.2-67.8
8429-12TEL-CST-70-1270305 (12")32.2-67.8
8429-15TEL-CST-70-1570381 (15")32.2-67.8
8429-18TEL-CST-70-1870457 (18")32.2-67.8
8430-9TEL-CST-104-9104229 (9")42.6-93.7
8430-18TEL-CST-104-18104457 (18")42.6-93.7


1. Better Shrink ratio

2. Accommodates a wider range of cable sizes

3. Advanced military rubber/silicone compound to withstand tough enviroment

4. Better breath with the cable together

5. Longer storage period

6. Better Ozone and UV resistance

Quick Details

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:Custom
Type:Insulation Sleeving, custom
Application:High Voltage
Rated Voltage:1KV
Color:Black or custom