Hot selling communication auxiliary material Cable Entry plate

High quality and hot selling communication auxiliary material Cable Entry plate:


Apply to all sorts of cable into the engine room, thus play a role in sealing, apply to mobile base station, exchange, microwave station etc. kinds of engine room.


1, metal parts: high quality aluminum alloy plate or stainless steel

2, sealing element: top-quality rubber that high and low temperature resistant non-deformed and anti-aging capability


1, adopt -55°C~+60°Ctemperature changing.

2, resistant to corrosion of corrosive gas, air, acid rain.

3, prevent the rain and outside moisture into the engine room through the gap between cable and sealing element or the gap between HLKC and wall. The grade of seal performance can reach IP65.

4, shield electromagnetism disturbing

5, provide all sorts of different types sealing element form a whole sealing part, meet different OD cable through a HLKC into the room

Installation instructions:

a. reserved a suitable hole, the detailed dimension refer to the product specification.

b. fix the seal plate into the reserved hole by anchoring.

c. put waterproof silica gel around the seal plate, the sealing effect will be better.

ProductHole Of PortsWall OpeningOverall SizePart No.
 11 4'' x 4'' 5'' x 5''TEL-EP-1x1
 22 4'' x 10''9.5''x 15.5''TEL-EP-1x2
 334'' x 15''9.5'' x 20''TEL-EP-1x3
 44 4'' x 20.5''9.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-1x4
 549.5'' x 11''17.5'' x 17.5''TEL-EP-2x2
 669.5'' x 15''17.5'' x 23''TEL-EP-2x3
 78 9.5'' x 20.5''17.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-2x4
 8915'' x 15'' 23'' x 23''TEL-EP-3x3
 91215'' x 20.5''25.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-3x4
 1012 9.5'' x 31.5''17.5'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-2x6
 111620.5'' x 20.5''25.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-4x4
 121815'' x 31.5'' 25.5'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-3x6
 1324 20.5'' x 31.5''31'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-4x6

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:4/6/9/12 holes
Name:Cable Entry plate
Material:Stainless steel/aluminum alloy plate and rubber seal
Shape:Good looking
Function:Suit for all kinds of cable into the engine room
Applications:for feeder cables entering