long working life 1/2” x2 double-hole type feeder clamp, RF feeder cable clamp

Feeder Clamp - Product information:
The Hanger is mainly used for the fixation between RF cable and tower, cable ladder etc, which is mainly composed of stainless steel and anti-ultraviolet polypropylene or ABS engineering plastics and anti-old rubber, and can be used in different range of temperatures. We manufacture various hangers to meet different requirements of our clients.


Product feature:

1. The feeder clamp designed according to the 2. YD/T109 standard.

3. It is suitable for the 1/4’’, 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 7/8’’, 1-1/4’’, 1-5/8’’, and 2-1/4’’ cable.

4. Type: through type, along the wall type, anchorear type, hook type; hose clamp type, leakage cable type.

5. Made of stainless anti-acid steels with high quality for microwave and mobile systems

Anti-corrosion (transnatures polypropylene and non-rusting) under various weather conditions

Feeder cable clamp - types:

1, 1/2"x1 Single-hole type, 1/2"x2 Single-hole type, 1/2"x3 Single-hole type, etc..
1/2"x1 Double-hole type, 1/2"x2 Double-hole type, 1/2"x3 Double-hole type, etc..
2, 7/8"x1 Single-hole type, 7/8"x2 Single-hole type, 7/8"x3 Single-hole type, etc..
7/8"x1 Double-hole type, 7/8"x2 Double-hole type, 7/8"x3 Double-hole type, etc..
3, 1-1/4"x1 Single-hole type, 1-1/4"x2 Single-hole type, 1-1/4"x3 Single-hole type, etc..
1-1/4"x1 Double-hole type, 1-1/4"x2 Double-hole type, 1-1/4"x3 Double-hole type, etc..
4, 1-5/8"x1 Single-hole type, 1-5/8"x2 Single-hole type, 1-5/8"x3 Single-hole type, 1-5/8"x3 Two-hole type, etc..
1-5/8"x1 Double-hole type, 1-5/8"x2 Double-hole type, 1-5/8"x3 Double-hole type, etc..


Application Scope

Telecommunication base station, GSM,CDMA, GPRS and so on.

Feeder Cable Clamp --- Data Sheet

Item Name: Specification
Model: SY-X-X
Application Size5~8mm Optical Fiber Cable + 9~13mm Coaxial Cable
Clamp Stack: Single Stack (2 ways)
Double Stack (4 ways)
Triple Stack (6 ways)
Fourfold (8 ways)
Plastic Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Material of Clamp Inner:Soft Rubber
 Metal Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Material of “U” clamp & Thread Rod304SS M8 Thread Rod
Match Cable: 1/4’’, 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8" Feeder clamp
Match Cable: RG8, RG213, LMR400 etc. Coaxial Cable
Quality warranty:Anti-rust and heat cold resistant for Indoor/Outdoor Use.
Working temperature:-50°C- +70°C
PackingPoly bag/set, carton,
Payment termT/T, L/C, Western union


Stainless Steel Feeder Clamp (Through Type)

Part No.Description
660301A1/2"x1 Single-stack
660301B1/2"x2 Double-stack
660301C1/2"x3 Triple-stack
660301D7/8"x1 Single-stack
660301E7/8"x2 Double-stack
660301F7/8"x3 Triple-stack
660301G1 1/4"x1 Single-stack
660301H1 1/4"x2 Double-stack
660301I1 1/4"x3 Triple-stack
660301J1 5/8"x1 Single-stack
660301K1 5/8"x2 Double-stack
660301L1 5/8"x3 Triple-stack

Stainless Steel Feeder Clamp( Suspend Hamulus Type)

Part No.Description
660302A1/2"x1 Single-stack
660302B1/2"x2 Double-stack
660302C1/2"x3 Triple-stack
660302D7/8"x1 Single-stack
660302E7/8"x2 Double-stack
660302F7/8"x3 Triple-stack
660302G1 1/4"x1 Single-stack
660302H1 1/4"x2 Double-stack
660302I1 1/4"x3 Triple-stack
660302J1 5/8"x1 Single-stack
660302K1 5/8"x2 Double-stack
660302L1 5/8"x3 Triple-stack

Stainless Steel Feeder Clamp( Two Hole Type)

Part No.Description
660303A1/2"x1 Single-stack
660303B1/2"x2 Double-stack
660303C1/2"x3 Triple-stack
660303D7/8"x1 Single-stack
660303E7/8"x2 Double-stack
660303F7/8"x3 Triple-stack
660303G1 1/4"x1 Single-stack
660303H1 1/4"x2 Double-stack
660303I1 1/4"x3 Triple-stack
660303J1 5/8"x1 Single-stack
660303K1 5/8"x2 Double-stack
660303L1 5/8"x3 Triple-stack

Stainless Steel Feeder Clamp( Anchor Ear Type)

Part No.Description
660304A1/2"x1 Single-stack
660304B7/8"x1 Single-stack
660304C1 1/4"x1 Single-stack
660304D1 5/8"x1 Single-stack
660304E1/2"x2 Double-stack
660304F7/8"x2 Double-stack
660304G1 1/4"x2 Double-stack
660304H1 5/8"x2 Double-stack

Microwave Feeder Clamp

Part No.Description

Application scope:

Mobile communication base station (GSM, CDMA, GPRS, etc)

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Telsto
Model Number: 1/2'' x2 double-hole type feeder clamp
Item Name:1/2'' x2 double-hole type feeder clamp
material:Stainless Steel
Plastic Material: Polypropylene (PP) / ABS
Clamp Class: Through Type
Color: black, silver, grey
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Clamp Stack: Single, Double, Triple, Fourfold Stack
Match Cable: RG8, RG213, LMR400 Coaxial


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