Coaxial Lightning Surge Arrester, N female to N female, gas tube bulkhead type

Product Description

Coaxial Lightning Surge Arrester, N female to N female, gas tube bulkhead type

Coaxial surge arresters can be integrated directly into the cabling system and provide reliable surge protection in case of over voltages. Our surge arrestors provide excellent lightning protection and outstanding RF performance. All designs have low return loss, low insertion loss and low intermodulation. We offers λ/4 wave shorting stubs and gas discharge tube type for your selection.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:TEL-SA-NF.F
Material:Brass with Ni plated
Connector:N female to N female
Type:Gas discharge tube
Impedance:50 ohm

50 Ohm N Type Coaxial Lightning Protector that operates over the frequency range of DC-3 GHz.

This unit is ideal for protecting 50 Ohm 2G 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Boosters and Cellular Antennas. It is compatible with all 50 Ohm cell phone boosters and repeaters including weBoost®, SureCall®, Hiboost® and Uniden.

This device's wide band operating range and high power capability also make it well suited for 2.4GHz WiFi networks, HAM Radio, 2-Way Radio, GMRS, GPS and many other applications.

This high performance unit features N Female to N Female Bulkhead coaxial connectors and it is suitable for panel mounting. The unit's design incorporates a replaceable high power gas discharge tube capsule that protects sensitive communications equipment from ESD surges and lightning.

Frequency RangeDC-3 GHz
Insertion Loss<0.2 dB
Impedance50 Ohm
Gas Tube DC Breakdown Voltage230V+/-20%
Gas Tube Impulse Breakdown Voltage1000V 20%
Gas Tube Insulation Resistance2000 MegOhm min
Rated Surge Current20 KA max
ConnectorsN-Female to N-Female Bulkhead
Dimensions2.6 x 1.3 x 1.0 Inches (66.2 x 31.9 x 25.0 mm)