Cable wall entry 4” boot assembly

Product Description


Boot Assembly Cushion provides versatility in any application, allowing a single cushion to mount a wide range of cable sizes, reducing material and installation costs. These cushions are constructed of UV-resistant EPDM rubber, allowing for proper functionality in extreme temperature and harsh environmental conditions. Barrel cushions are available in multiple sizes to accommodate industry demands for fiber, power, elliptical and coaxial cable requirements. The unique design allows the cushion to be individually installed utilizing Butterfly Hangers or stacked with Stackable Hangers and Mini Cable Blocks.

*Application: Clamp Port Solutions
*Size: Versions for coaxial cable
*Design: Compression fit round cushions
*Feature: Dependable seal
*Material: EPDM rubber

ProductDescriptionPart No.
Boot Assembly CushionBoot Assembly Cushion with 9 holes for 3/8" coaxial cableTEL-BAC-9X3/8''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 4 holes for 1/2" coaxial cableTEL-BAC-4X1/2''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 4 holes for 1/2"Superflex  coaxial cableTEL-BAC-4X1/2''S
Boot Assembly Cushion with 3 holes for 7/8" coaxial cableTEL-BAC-3X7/8''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 3 holes for 1-1/4"coaxial cableTEL-BAC-3X1-1/4''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 1 hole for 1-1/4"coaxial cableTEL-BAC-1X1-1/4''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 1 hole for 1-5/8"coaxial cableTEL-BAC-1X1-5/8''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 2 hole for 3/8"coaxial cableTEL-BAC-2X3/8''
Boot Assembly Cushion with 2 holes for EW36 coaxial cableTEL-BAC-2XEW36

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Material:EPDM Rubber
Cable type:Coaxial Cable Power Cable