DC – 3GHz 50 ohm N Male RF Dummy Load 5W

Product Description

Termination is designed to absorb all the incident power with very little reflection,effectively terminating the line or port in its characteristic impedance.Termination are used in a wide variety of measurement systems;any port of a multi-port microwave device that is not involved in the measurement should be terminated in its characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.Terminations are also used in devices such as directional couplers and isolators. High power versions are used in transmitter applications as dummy loads.

Termination offered by Telsto are matched to 50 ohms characteristic impedance. A wide selection of terminations from stock ready for you just-in-time shipments.With power ratings from 2 to 300 watts fitted with N or DIN-Male or female connectors.Our terminations are designed to exceed commercial specifications.


1. Finned Termination

2. Powers 2W to 300W

3. Low Specified PIM

4. N and DIN Connectors

5. High Reliability

6. Economic price

Dummy Load-DC-3GHz 5/25/50/100/200W N,DIN type

Product DescriptionPart No.
Termination LoadN Male / N Female, 2WTEL-TL-NM/F2W
N Male / N Female, 5WTEL-TL-NM/F5W
N Male / N Female, 10WTEL-TL-NM/F10W
N Male / N Female, 25WTEL-TL-NM/F25W
N Male / N Female, 50WTEL-TL-NM/F50W
N Male / N Female, 100WTEL-TL-NM/F100W
DIN Male / Female, 10WTEL-TL-DINM/F10W
DIN Male / Female, 25WTEL-TL-DINM/F25W
DIN Male / Female, 50WTEL-TL-DINM/F50W
DIN Male / Female, 100WTEL-TL-DINM/F100W


Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Frequency Band:DC-3GHz
Average Power:5W
Connector Type:N / Din male or female
Impedance:50 Ohm