RF 2 way 800-2700MHz Power Splitter/Divider N-Female 300W

RF 2 way 800-2700MHz Power Splitter/Divider N-Female 300W


●Multiple-Band Frequency Ranges
● High Power Rating 300 Watt
● High Reliability
● Low Cost Design for ease of mounting
● N-Female Connector


General SpecificationTEL-PS-2TEL-PS-3TEL-PS-4
Frequency Range (MHz)698-2700
Way No(dB)*234
Divided Loss(dB)34.86
Insertion Loss(dB)≤0.20≤0.30≤0.40
Impedance (Ω)50
Power Rating(W)300
Power peak (W)1000
Temperature Range(℃)-20~+70

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:TEL-PS-2
Frequency Range:698 -2700MHz
PIM (IM3):<-155dBc @+43dBm*2
Power Rating:300W
Connector Type:N-Female
Applied Environment:Indoor / Outdoor
Protection class:IP65
Operating Temperature:-20~+70℃


Telsto promises reasonable price, short production time, and after-sales service.


1.What're the main products of Telsto?
Telsto supply all kinds of Telecom Materials such as Feeder Clamps, Grounding Kits, RF Connectors, Coaxial Jumper Cables, Weatherproofing kits, Wall Entry Accessories, Passive Devices, Fiber optic patch cords, etc.

2.Can your company provide Technical Support?
Yes. We have experienced technical experts who are willing to help you deal with technical problems.

3.Can your company provide solutions?
Yes. Our team of IBS experts will help find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

4.Do you test the equipment before your delivery?
Yes. We do test every component after installation to ensure we've delivered the signal solution you needed.

5.What is your quality control?
We do have strict inspection and testing before shipment.

6.Can you accept the small order?
Yes, small order is available in our company.

7.Do you have OEM&ODM service?
Yes, we can support our customers specialled products and we are able to put your logo on the products.

8.Can your company provide CO or Form E certificate?
Yes, we can provide it if you need.

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