Dc-3ghz 2 watt rf coaxial dummy load termination

Product Description

RF load / termination (also known as a dummy load) is just part of a wide selection of coaxial terminator products supplied for radio, antenna and other types of RF components for typical use, production, laboratory test and measurement, defense / military, etc. which are specifically made ready for quick shipment. Our coaxial radio requency load termination is manufactured in a RF load design with N/Din connectors.

Termination loads absorb RF & microwave energy and are commonly used as dummy loads of antenna and transmitter. They are also used as match ports in many multiport microwave device such as circulator and directional coupler to make these ports which are not involved in the measurement be terminated in their characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.

2 Watt Din Type Coaxial Dummy Load Termination
Electrical Characteristic Impedance 50ohm
Frequency Range DC-3GHz
VSWR ≤1.15
Power Capacity 2Watt
RF Connector Din Male Connector
Connector body: Brass Tri-Metal(CuZnSn)
Insulator: PTFE
Inner Conductor:  Phosphor Bronze Ag
Housing Aluminum Black Passivation

Operating Temp. _45~ 85 ℃
Storage Temp. _60~120℃
Weatherproof Rate IP65
Relative Humidity 5%-95%

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:TEL-TL-DINM2W
Plating:gold ,ternary alloy ,passivation
Product Name:rf dummy load



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