Double Sided Hanger/6 runs Feeder Clamps for 7/8″ Coax Cable

Product Description

Feeder clamps are widely used in site installation to fix RF coaxial feeder cables onto base towers (BTS). Telsto feeder clamps are designed for different BTS site installation and kinds of antenna system. The material of these products is high standard stainless steel and high quality plastics.

*Various stainless steel feeder clamps are applicable for fixing feeders.
*Made of high quality anti-acid steel.
*Modified plastics and non-rusting under any weather conditions.

Materials and technical instructions:

1. The rubber pipe is made of anti-aging rubber, with elasticityand reliable grip power.

2. The plastic clamp is made of modified polypropylene, with good impact resistance and good chemical resistance.

3. The C-bracket, nuts, bolt, pressing board, threaded rod are made of stainless steel 304, with anti-acid and high toughness properties, to insure no deformation and no oxidation for long-term outdoor use.

To install multiple cable runs on towers where space is limited. Without additional adapters, these clamps can

provide sturdy, reliable, long-term support to systems by means of tough and UV resistant material.

*Recommended installation distance between two clamps: 1 meter

*Installation Note: Please straighten the cable before installation;


Feeder clamps for coaxial RF cable are used with following products;

1, Telecom cable

2, Fiber cable

3,Coaxial cable

4, Feeder cable

5, Hybrid cable

6, Corrugated cable

7, Smooth cable

8, Braid cable

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Telsto
Clamp Stack: Single, Double, Triple Stack
Bolt and Nut size: M8
Operation Tempreture(℃): -50~85℃

Technical Specifications
Product Type Feeder clamp 6x7/8''
Hanger Type Single Multi-block
Cable Type Feeder Cable
Cable Size 7/8''
Holes/Runs 2 per layer, 3 layers, 6 run
Configuration Angle member adapter
Thread 2x M8
Material Metal part: 304SST
Plastic parts: PP
Consist of :
Angle adapter 1pc
Thread 2pcs
Bolts & nuts 2sets
Plastic saddles 2 pcs

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