Metal stainless steel 7/8 rf feeder cable clamp

Product Description

Feeder clamps are widely used in site installation to fix RF coaxial feeder cables onto base towers (BTS). Telsto feeder clamps are designed for different BTS site installation and kinds of antenna system. The material of these products is high standard stainless steel and high quality plastics.

*Various stainless steel feeder clamps are applicable for fixing feeders.
*Made of high quality anti-acid steel.
*Modified plastics and non-rusting under any weather conditions.

metal stainless steel 7/8 rf feeder cable clamp

Double Type Feeder Clamp

The clamp is designed to support 1 to 6 cables with the dimensions of 1/2”, 7/8”, 1 1/4”, 1 5/8“ and 2 1/4”
It is installed on cable ladder, rung, bracket, i-beam, profile such as towers, ladders and masts at telecom site
Without additional adapters, provide sturdy, reliable, long-term support

· Each block holds two runs of cable to reduce installation cost
· Easy-to-install
· Wind loaded
· UV and corrosion resistant with SUS304/steel dacro bracket
· Capable to working in extreme temperature
· Recommend distance of clamps:0.8-1.0m

metal stainless steel 7/8 rf feeder cable clamp

Trade Information

Trade termsCIF, DDU, EX-WORKS
Payment termsT/T, L/C, Negotiable
Supply capability1000000 pieces per month
Lead time3-15 days
ShipmentSea, Air, Express
Sample availabilityYes
Sample time3-5 days
PackagingPlastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Product  DescriptionPart No.
Single Type  For 1/2" cable, 1 run  TEL-FC-S-1x1/2
  For 1/2" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-S-2x1/2
  For 1/2" cable, 3 runs  TEL-FC-S-3x1/2
  For 7/8" cable, 1 run  TEL-FC-S-1x7/8
  For 7/8" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-S-2x7/8
  For 7/8" cable, 3 runs  TEL-FC-S-3x7/8
  For 1-1/4" cable, 1 run  TEL-FC-S-1x5/4
  For 1-1/4" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-S-2x5/4
  For 1-1/4" cable, 3 runs  TEL-FC-S-3x5/4
  For 1-5/8" cable, 1 run  TEL-FC-S-1x13/8
  For 1-5/8" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-S-2x13/8
  For 1-5/8" cable, 3 runs  TEL-FC-S-3x13/8
Double Type  For 1/2" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-D-2x1/2
  For 1/2" cable, 4 runs  TEL-FC-D-4x1/2
  For 1/2" cable, 6 runs  TEL-FC-D-6x1/2
  For 7/8" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-D-2x7/8
  For 7/8" cable, 4 runs  TEL-FC-D-4x7/8
  For 7/8" cable, 6 runs  TEL-FC-D-6x7/8
  For 1-1/4" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-D-2x5/4
  For 1-1/4" cable, 4 runs  TEL-FC-D-4x5/4
  For 1-1/4" cable, 6 runs  TEL-FC-D-6x5/4
  For 1-5/8" cable, 2 runs  TEL-FC-D-2x13/8
  For 1-5/8" cable, 4 runs  TEL-FC-D-4x13/8
  For 1-5/8" cable, 6 runs  TEL-FC-D-6x13/8

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number:Double Type Feeder Clamp
Product Line:Cable Clamp
Product Type:double hole
Size:1/4"-2 1/4"
Material of metal part:304
Material of plastic part:PP/PA/EPDM
salt spray test:72h
surface treatment:Passivated
Warranty:3 years
Application:telecom cable installation

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time:3-15 days

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