Single-core cold shrink insulation sleeve


EPDM cold shrink insulation sleeve For Antenna to 1/2


EPDM cold shrink sleeve for telecom site is a fast and easy way to weatherproof a connection. Simply position the pre-expanded tubing over the connection that you are protecting and pull the rip cord. The tubing compresses to form a weatherproof seal.

All without heat, special tools or a time-consuming installation procedure. And it's easily removed when system maintenance is requried.

Cold shrink sleeve is designed to seal the connection between the base station antenna and the 1/2" flex & superflex coaxial cable. It is widely used in the wireless cell sites.

*All required components and instructions are provided in one kit
*Simple, safe installation, requires no tools
*Accommodate covered cables with various outside diameters
*No torches or heat are required
*Significantly reduces the time required to cover splices by traditional techniques
*Maintains the physical and electrical integrity of the covered conductor
*Includes partial tension compression sleeve


1. Simple installation, requires noly workman's hands.

2. No tool or heat required.

3. Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after years of aging and exposure.

4. Resists moisture.

5. Wide range, size accommodation.

6. Resists acids and alkalies.

7. Resists ozone and ultraviolet light.

8. Resists fluid splashes.

9. Resists fire - will not support flame.

Technical Spec:

Item No.TEL-A12
Application. EPDM cold shrink sleeve for telecom site
Size.Antenna to 1/2"
Material.EPDM Rubber Cold Shrink sleeve
Include.One EPDM rubber tube and foam strip
ColorBlack Cold Shrink tube

Quick Details

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Type:EPDM Single-core cold shrink insulation sleeve
Material:EPDM cold shrink insulation sleeve
Application:Low Voltage
Rated Voltage:1 kv