Feed-thru entry panels cable entry plate

Product Description

Cable entry panel with 4" ports. Manufactured from heavy gauge T6 Aluminum. Tough baked-on powder coat finish.

The cable entry panel is used for cellular network, to help the feeder cable get into the BTS shelter.

The cable Entry, which is used for the waterproof when feeder enters the machine room, is composed of entrance wall / roof feed through plate and cable entry boot. It has good airproof and easy installation features. We have Aluminium Alloy Wall / Roof Feed Thru Plate, Stainless Steel Wall / Roof Feed Thru Plate, Circular Orifice type Cable Entry.

ProductHole Of PortsWall OpeningOverall SizePart No.
 11 4'' x 4'' 5'' x 5''TEL-EP-1x1
 22 4'' x 10''9.5''x 15.5''TEL-EP-1x2
 334'' x 15''9.5'' x 20''TEL-EP-1x3
 44 4'' x 20.5''9.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-1x4
 549.5'' x 11''17.5'' x 17.5''TEL-EP-2x2
 669.5'' x 15''17.5'' x 23''TEL-EP-2x3
 78 9.5'' x 20.5''17.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-2x4
 8915'' x 15'' 23'' x 23''TEL-EP-3x3
 91215'' x 20.5''25.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-3x4
 1012 9.5'' x 31.5''17.5'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-2x6
 111620.5'' x 20.5''25.5'' x 25.5''TEL-EP-4x4
 121815'' x 31.5'' 25.5'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-3x6
 1324 20.5'' x 31.5''31'' x 39.5''TEL-EP-4x6

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Product Type:Wall/Roof Feed- Through System
plate size:4''