Gel Seal Closure for 7/8″ Feeder Cable Grounding Kit Weatherproofing, Quick Seal Enclosure Kit

Gel Seal Weatherproofing Enclosure for 7/8" Feeder Grounding Kit

Gel Seal Closure for 7/8’’ feeder cable to grounding kit

Application: 7/8”feeder cable grounding kit weatherproofing

Size: L124mm*W89.5mm*H40mm

Net Weight, 107.5g

Sealing Class, IP 68

Model: TEL-GSC-7/8” to Grounding kit

Description: Gel Seal Closure products provide a quick andlow level installation skill set method to weatherproof “jumper to antenna” and “jumper to feeder” connections.Features:

Quick to install. The installation of Telsto Gel Seal Closures can be accomplished in seconds.

Telsto Gel Seal Closures are easy to remove, and in most cases reusable.

Telsto Gel Seal Closures are a wraparound design and require no disconnection of a cable connection.

Telsto Gel Seal Closures require no special tools or materials for installation

Gel Seal Closure
FunctionGel Seal Closure for 7/8’’ feeder cable to grounding kit
Outputgrounding wire(7-8mm)
Net Weight188g
Life/durationMore than 10 years
Corrosion and ultraviolet resistanceH2S,passed ultraviolet test
Ice-snow resistanceup to 100mm,no water leakage, no shape change
Waterproof levelIP68
Fireproof levelHB
Rainstorm resistance100E 150mm/h