Andrew L5SGRIP Support Hoisting Grip for 7/8 in coaxial cable

Product Description

Andrew L5SGRIP Support Hoisting Grip for 7/8 in coaxial cable

Pre-laced hoisting grips feature a closed-mesh design which simplifies installation over traditional split, lace-up style grips. The unique design allows the pre-laced hoisting grip to slip over an unterminated end of coax. The grip securely tightens when pulled, providing an effective means to hoist coax into position and to provide additional support for the coax once in place.


Characteristic :

Application :  coax support

Size  :   3/8" to 2-1/4"

Feature :   Pre-laced to simplify instlalation

Design :    Closed mesh with single eye support

Material :  Stainless steel or Tinned bronze

Include :   Mesh Grip, support clamp


Product  Description Part No.
Lace-up Type 304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1/2" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-L-1/2
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  7/8" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-L-7/8
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-L-5/4
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-L-13/8
Pre-Laced Type 304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1/2" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-P-1/2
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  7/8" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-P-7/8
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-1/4" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-P-5/4
304 Stainless Steel Material, for  1-5/8" coaxiable cable   TEL-HG-P-13/8

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Type:Andrew L5SGRIP Support Hoisting Grip for 78 in coaxial cable
Application:Andrew L5SGRIP Support Hoisting Grip
Material:stainless steel