N male/ plug connector for 1-5/8 coaxial cable

Product Description

Telsto RF Connector has an operational frequency range of DC-6 GHz, offers excellent VSWR performance and Low Passive Intermodulation. This makes it ideally suited for use in cellular basestations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.

RF Connector N male/ plug connector for 1-5/8 coaxial cable

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number:TEL-NM.158.RFC

Series N are threaded connector,medium and small power RF connector.there are 50ohm and 75 ohm about the Characteristic impedance, they are widely use in electronic instrument,communication equipment,internet system,microwave testing,cable assembly and Semiflexible and semirigid cable.

Technical Characteristics

Major Technical Characteristics
Temperature Range -55 degree to +155 dregree(PE Cable-40~+85 degree)
Vibration 100m/S2 (10 to 500 Hz)
Impedance 50 ohm
Frequency Range DC-6GHZ
Working Voltage 1000V r.m.s at sea level
Withstanding Voltage 2500V r.m.s at sea level
Center Contact Resistance ≤1Mohm
Outer Contact Resistance ≤1Mohm
Insulation Resistance ≥5000Mohm
Center conductor Retention Force ≤0.56N
Insertion Loss ≤0.24dB/6GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio :
Straight ≤1.15/6GHz
Right Angle ≤1.25/6GHz
Coupling Nut Retention force 450N
Durability (Mating) ≤500(cycles)
Shell/Body Brass..................NEXCOTE
Insulator Teflon..................Natural
Gasket Silicone.................Red
Retainer Ring SUS 304..................Natural
Contact Pin Brass......................Gold
Ferrule Copper......................NEXCOT
Suitable Cable
RG8, RG58, RG213, RG316, LMR200, LMR300, LMR400 ( More Option, please contact us)

Product Description Part No.
7/16 DIN Type DIN Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.12-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.12S-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.114-RFC
DIN Female connector for 1-5/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINF.158-RFC
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINFA.12-RFC
DIN Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINFA.12S-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.12-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.12S-RFC
DIN Female connector for 7/8'' coaxial RF cable TEL-DINF.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 7/8' coaxial RF cable TEL-DINM.78-RFC
DIN Male connector for 1-1/4’’ flexible RF cable TEL-DINM.114-RFC
N Type N Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NF.12-RFC
N Female connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NF.12S-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NFA.12-RFC
N Female Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NFA.12S-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NM.12-RFC
N Male connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NM.12S-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-NMA.12-RFC
N Male Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-NMA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Type 4.3-10 Female connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310F.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310F.78-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310FA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Female Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-4310FA.12S-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310M.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male connector for 7/8’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310M.78-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ flexible RF cable TEL-4310MA.12-RFC
4.3-10 Male Right Angle connector for 1/2’’ Super flexible RF cable TEL-4310MA.12S-RFC
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