100W 50 Ohm DC-3GHz DIN Female 7/16 Female RF Dummy Load / Termination Load

Product name: DC-3GHz 100W DIN Male Dummy Load


Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system.
Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication and Hopping Radio.
Radar, Electronic Navagation and Electronic Confrontation.
Aerospace Equipment systems.

Product DescriptionPart No.
Termination LoadN Male / N Female, 2WTEL-TL-NM/F2W
N Male / N Female, 5WTEL-TL-NM/F5W
N Male / N Female, 10WTEL-TL-NM/F10W
N Male / N Female, 25WTEL-TL-NM/F25W
N Male / N Female, 50WTEL-TL-NM/F50W
N Male / N Female, 100WTEL-TL-NM/F100W
DIN Male / Female, 10WTEL-TL-DINM/F10W
DIN Male / Female, 25WTEL-TL-DINM/F25W
DIN Male / Female, 50WTEL-TL-DINM/F50W
DIN Male / Female, 100WTEL-TL-DINM/F100W

Quick Details

Place of Origin:shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto
Model Number: TEL-TL
IP:IP65(out door)


100W RF Dummy Load
1.High power capacity up to 100 watts
2.Reasonable price and Good quality
3.We are Manufacturer and OEM

Coaxial fixed Dummy Load/Termination absorb RF/Microwave energy and are commonly used as dummy loads of antenna and transmitter. They are used as match ports in many multiport microwave device such as circulator and directional coupler to make these ports which are not involved in the measurement be terminated in the characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.

Telsto serial coaxial fixed dummy load average power 2W-10KW, frequency range DC-18GHz and feature wide frequency band, low VSWR, excellent capacity in anti-plusesand anti-burnout.

Technical Specifications for DC-3GHz 7/16 DIN female 100w RF Dummy Load/Termination