RF 698-2700MHz N female 3 way Power splitter


Telsto Power splitters are in 2, 3 and 4 ways, use stripline and cavity craftwork with silver plated, metal conductors in aluminum housings, with excellent input VSWR, high power ratings, low PIM and very low losses. Excellent design techniques allow bandwidths that extend from 698 to 2700 MHz in housing of convenient length. Cavity splitters are frequently employed in in-building wireless coverage and outdoor distribution systems. because they are virtually indestructible, low loss and low PIM.

Excellent VSWR,

High power rating,

Low PIM,

Multi-Band Frequency Coverage,

Low Cost Design, Design to Cost,

High Reliability and Maintenance free,

Multiple IP Degree Conditions

RoHS Compliant,

N , DIN 4.3-10 connectors,

Custom Designs Available,


Power splitter allow you to use a common distributor system for all mobile communication applications in the broad frequency range.

When the signal is distributed for the in-house distribution, in office buildings or sports halls, power splitter can split up the incoming signal in two, three, four or more identical shares.

Divide one signal into multi channel ones, that ensures the system to share common signal source and BTS system.

Meet various demands of network systems with the Ultra-wideband design.

General SpecificationTEL-PS-2TEL-PS-3TEL-PS-4
Frequency Range (MHz)698-2700
Way No(dB)*234
Divided Loss(dB)34.86
Insertion Loss(dB)≤0.20≤0.30≤0.40
Impedance (Ω)50
Power Rating(W)300
Power peak (W)1000
Temperature Range(℃)-20~+70

Quick Details

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Telsto